What is ePosta?

This is a Posta Uganda online platform that allows anybody to access Postal services anytime anywhere.

What is a Physical Box Address?

A Physical Box Address is a Postal Address where you are given a key for your box. This Postal Address is also linked to your phone, email and your account online. This allows you to receive instant notifications and monitor your box transactions using your online account once items/mails come to your box. You can request for delivery and or Item pick.

What is an eBox Address?

An eBox Postal Address is an Electronic Postal Address that allows you to access your mails 24/7 from the convenience of your smartphone and any other electronic device. Once new mails or item arrives at your preferred Post Office, you will receive instant notifications and or monitor your mail transactions using your phone or your account once items/mails come to your box. You can then choose to ask Post Office to deliver your item or you can pick it at any time of your convenience. Get yourself an eBox Postal Address and use it to shop online anywhere in the world and have your items delivered it to you wherever you are.

How do I acquire a Postal Address?

You can Register for a Postal Address online using or by visiting a nearby PostOffice. While registering, enter a phone number that will receive notifications, select yourpreferred Post Office and after registering, you will receive a prompt on your phone requestingfor your MM PIN to complete payment for your address.

How Much Does an Postal Address Cost per year?

- Company: ugx 90,000
- Upcountry (company) ugx 60,000
- Individuals:ugx20,000
- Business Names: ugx 20,000
- Shops: ugx 20,000

What other services are offered by ePosta?

With ePosta, you can now buy stamps online, shop online, Request for Delivery, Request for Item Pickup, Access Government services and monitor all your mail transactions in real time.

Can I register From My Nearest Post Office?

Yes, you can walk into any Post Office in the country with a copy of a Valid National ID, Driving Permit or Passport and get a postal address.

How do I get notified using a Postal Address?

Once mail is sent to you, you will receive an SMS/Email Notification informing you about your mail item. To ensure that you do not miss out on any notifications, enable Promotional messages on your phone. Simply dial *196# and Enable/Allow all Messages.